GAB Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

by GAB Recordings

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13 Guitar Impulse Responses specifically geared for high gain guitar tones and objectively crafted with attention to detail for certain styles of tones that the engineer can build a mix around. Furthermore, the user should also feel free to use them in any context to their liking.

Impulse Response loader and any amp or amp modeler are required. Tubescreamer or TS modeler highly recommended as 1st in the signal chain, such as TSE808. Namely, these IR's have been primarily tested and used with TSE's X50 V2 (the head) with TSE808 engaged or LePou's Lecto as the head with default knob settings, but are definitely usable with other amp plugins.

GAB HM-2 1990's - This impulse response recreates the highly sought after "Sunlight Studios sound" made famous by pioneering Swedish Death Metal bands in the early 90's, which has also made a comeback in recent years.

GAB Iron - This impulse response emulates a modern high gain 5150 tone. Created for tight and speedy rhythm work and versatile enough to grind.

GAB Thrash 2000 - This impulse response emulates a slightly more modern biting approach to Thrash, yet retaining some of the tonal qualities of the golden era.

GAB HM-2 2000's - This impulse response takes a more modern approach to the "Sunlight Studios sound" exemplifying a smoother response in the lows and low mids.

GAB HM-2 Crunch - This impulse response is a variable on the HM-2 sound, altering the tone with more crunch and bite and less buzzsaw and thickness. Instant death/grind frenzy.

GAB Swedish BM - This impulse response was crafted as a take on the early to mid 90's Black Metal scene, but with an affinity for the Swedish Death Metal tone. Hence, the title. Think early Dissection, Necrophobic, or Thorns.

GAB '84 Thrash - This impulse response emulates a classic thrash tone from its early legendary years. Ride the Marshall.

GAB '95 Death - This impulse response emulates a guitar tone from a mid 90's Death Metal classic. Warmer overall tone, yet defined low mids for palm-muting to punch through mixes.

GAB Portals - 2 IR's included. They represent the left and right guitar tones from Cara Neir's Portals to a Better, Dead World album. Less gain, more room for chord definition, and just enough bite and girth for tremolo picking and palm-muted riffs.

GAB Metallic Hardcore - This impulse response is a more raw and vintage approach to high gain guitar tones. More midrange bite and chunk. Adversely not to fit in the scooped mold. Converge and Cursed came to mind when creating this one.

GAB Post-Modern - This impulse response is fairly different than the others in the pack. Orange-based, less gain, and more geared for intricate chords and punk riffs.

GAB Sludge - This impulse response is also fairly different from most of the others. Loose and raw for slowing things down with a subdued high end. Chiefly made for that dense wall of sound that's fit for sludge and stoner rock/metal. Bring the doom and take as needed for pain.

Check notes included with the download for fine-tuned suggestions with the aforementioned plugins.

By purchasing this product, you agree to not resell/redistribute it or claim it as a work of your own. You may use this in your own recordings, of course.

Send an e-mail to if you have questions, comments, or any additional information. Thanks.


released April 17, 2015

Engineer: Garry Brents

Various credits in each track as noted.



all rights reserved


GAB Recordings Dallas, Texas

GAB Recordings is an audio engineering and music production entity owned and run by Garry Brents.

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